Custom Unuslab "Your idea, your design, to us the task of giving it a ceramic shape..."

Custom Unuslab

The Unuslab brand takes its name from the Latin word Unus, unique. Because that is exactly what it is: we produce high-quality ceramic surfaces in porcelain or white body worked by hand that make each piece unique.

We do it in a tailor-made way, able to produce customized modules by collaborating with architects, industrial designers, interior designers, developers and with anyone involved in interior and exterior design. Unuslab is a brand capable of signing customized surfaces, unique and inimitable for quality and design.
The work process starts from the design that can be developed in our laboratories or provided by the designers we collaborate with. From the drawing comes a 3D printed original from which to make the matrix for production. Each piece of our collections is then made through a process of craftsmanship of colored body porcelain stoneware, turned out by hand and baked in traditional mufflola kiln at high temperatures.
Each single piece is finished, checked and selected manually; the particularity is therefore found in the micro diversities that characterize its tactility, reflection, shape, opacity or transparency, effectively making each surface different from the other. Unuslab gives value to those who design living spaces, offering a scope of co-design in order to create a unique installation, with an inimitable product.


Unuslab collections are born from research and experience. Matter, shapes, surfaces and colors represent variables that they can give rise to infinite solutions.

The materials we use are extremely versatile: grès porcelain can be applied indoors or outdoors, on floors or walls, treated as a matt surface with non-slip characteristics, or finished with pigments and luminescent glazes fired on a third fire. We also use white body clay: a material of the highest quality, with a pure and transparent mixture.

The range of finishes and mineral pigments used to color the surfaces it is very large and can satisfy any aesthetic need.
The flexibility of our production also allows us to realize products with different thicknesses, for different uses: from 6 mm up to 3 cm.


Thanks to the sartorial production process we can create any shape requested by the customer. Our collections refer to the Italian Renaissance tradition with oriental influences, in a contemporary key.


We use both the full body colored porcelain, handcrafted by hand, and the white body, which allows us to enhance the liveliness, brightness and brilliance of our refined glazes.


The thick pigmentation combined with opaque surfaces offers tactility and soft and warm tones, while the glossy enamels embellish smooth surfaces and enhance the texture of the worked ones.


Smooth, striped, decorated, embossed or rounded shapes can be combined with each other to create visual effects of great impact. Our production standard thickness is: 6mm, 1cm, 1.4cm and 2cm.

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