"The answer to a world that wants to rediscover manual skills, tailor made and beauty ..." Company


Unuslab was born as
business project evolution
of a long family tradition
in field of ceramic production.

The brothers Sergio and Roberto Barberini are in fact the heirs of the long entrepreneurial adventure of the Barberini family, started by their father Angelo, with the Tagina brand.
From the end of the 1970s to the present day, the “Gualdese” ceramic production has helped to outline and define the trend of the entire ceramic sector, passing from the highly appreciated rustic floors to the uniqueness of the classic bathroom, from the exaltation of ceramic products with a metallic effect until the launch on the world market of 2cm thick outdoor products.
Unuslab is born from these roots. If it is true that today, characteristics such as a strong territorial identity, the traceability of production processes, a different respect for human work and the environment, giving substance to strong ideas behind each product have become fundamental, Unuslab is a response of substance. to these new needs expressed by the market, strongly linked to the new times and the need to bring together the return to manual skills and the “know how to make ceramics” together with the value of the relationship of work with man and with the territory.

Who we turn to

Our interlocutors are mainly the designers. Architects, interior designers, decorators, stylists, in short, those involved in designing residential and workspaces with great personality.

Our company was born offering a work process based on dialogue and collaboration. We work remotely using technology, but we are open to visits and four-handed work in our laboratories. We make our decades of knowledge available to your work and creativity in areas such as the manual treatment of ceramic bodies in porcelain stoneware and white body, the use of particular and refined glazes and pigments enhanced through firing in muffola ovens, also in third fire.

The uniqueness of our production techniques and the selection of the highest quality raw materials allow us to offer you products with inimitable and exceptional technical and aesthetic characteristics. Feel free to consider Unuslab a true tailor’s shop available for your work.